ARENA... der jungen Künste

ARENA... of the young Arts

24. internationale Woche des jungen Theaters

24th international week of young theatre

Mensch... Wo bist du? 1. – 6. Juli 2014

Man... Where are you? July 1st – 6th 2014

Apply now till 31st January!

Here we go! From now until January 31st 2015 you can apply to the 25th international week of young theatre. The international ARENA-festival take place in Erlangen/Germany from June 16th till June 21st 2015.

Please note that ARENA is a festival organized voluntarily by students. The festival’s aim is to function as a stepping stone for young international artist groups. Therefore we are not able to pay a fee or any other profit participation. We will cover your travel expenses for all necessary group members, as well as board and lodging during the festival in Erlangen.

All necessary documents for applications can be downloaded here. Please answer them carefully! The forms may be completed using a computer. Please send us completely filled application only and note that we cannot send you back your documents. What we need:

You can send your application either by mail to

ARENA - der jungen Künste e.V.
Artistic Direction
Turnstraße 7
91052 Erlangen

or simply by e-mail to kl [at]

What's next?

After receiving your application the selection process starts. This will take some time and during that process we are not willing to answer questions on the state of affairs. Thank you for your understanding. After deciding upon the final program, we will inform all groups which we could not incorporate in the program.

To protect the group and the festival legally the signing of an agreement is essential if your group is chosen. You will need to provide our public relations department with photos in good quality and further materials for the public promotion.

Application documents