ARENA... der jungen Künste

ARENA... of the young Arts

24. internationale Woche des jungen Theaters

24th international week of young theatre

Mensch... Wo bist du? 1. – 6. Juli 2014

Man... Where are you? July 1st – 6th 2014

25 years of artistic promotion

Every human being can be creative. But why do we lose this inspiration in the course of life? It can only be due to lack of time!

Art sinks in the mire of everyday life as other, seemingly more important things take over: professional obligations, the mandatory sport and hobbies and, eventually even socialising becomes vague and superficial. Could the promotion of art put an end to all that? Must art be reinvented to be accepted in our brave new world?

Your ideas are the seeds that can help this grow, otherwise they will be nipped in the bud! We are here to help you realise your potential, to sow the seeds and fertilise the creative process.

ARENA has not lost any of its passion for the promotion of young arts over the last 25 years! Year after year since 1989, we have sowed the seed of creativity with our drama festival and inspired innovative, young artists everywhere in Europe.

We strive to as much variety as possible in sowing of the artistic seed: we are looking for drama, dance and performance arts, also experimental kinds, anything you can offer us that you want to immortalise in art!